5 music bands that are killing it in Chicago

We know music is a big deal in the city of Chicago. Great solo artists and bands have been born in Chicago.

Let’s check a small list of five of the bands that are killing it in Chicago:


Euphoria is a Chicago band that plays a variety of genres, although they have become popular with their pop, rock, dance, R&B and country styles. They offer shows at galas and they are being a big hit with wedding performances and also with participation in some corporate events.

This is what is actually turning them into a very popular band, because it is currently considered “Chicagoland’s fastest rising Wedding and Special Events band”. I guess it is safe to say that their fan base sure is growing and benefiting them.

The creators and participants of Euphoria are a total of 5 persons, made up by 4 men and a woman that combined offer more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

Meat Wave

This band is integrated by 3 guys, and has already released some albums in the past few years. They focus in the alternative and independent genres, and have been working hard and offering presentations, becoming quite popular in Chicago. It is said that after they made a Side One Dummy debut and an appearance in the Riot Fest in 2015, they have just been adding more numbers to their fanbase.

Sleep On It

Also having its origins in the city of Chicago is this pop punk band. Sleep On It was officially created in 2012, by 5 guys, making the band able to offer a line-up of a lead guitarist and backing vocals, a rhythm guitarist and backing vocals, a bass guitarist, a drummer and percussionist, and a lead vocalist.

This current lead vocalist is not the person that started out as lead in the beginning, but they are still making sure they give the audience quality and enjoyable pop punk. To date, Sleep On It has just released one studio album and 3 EPs.

Dumpster Babies

If you are the kind of person that appreciates old, pure and rustic musical styles, then you should give a chance to the Dumpster Babies. This band is actually a duo, integrated by Kevin Graves and Paul Puschautz in early 2008.

They were at a bar having a good time talking, listening to some music and drinking some beers, when the singer and guitarist of a local band they were obsessed with at the moment, asked them to play at the bar.

The rest became history. They are still considered a local band, but it is gaining more and more recognition and followers. Dumpster Babies plays contemporary garbage rock, punk and vintage rock ‘n’ roll from the 50s. They like the raw and rudimentary sounds they are able to create, which is maybe the biggest reason they keep getting more and more popular.

(Find them on Facebook as Dumpster Babies)


Source: The Locals

Hemmingbirds is the last Chicago-based band of our list. It is considered by music critics to be in the top ten local acts of Chicago. Four young men integrate the band today, but the idea actually began as a solo. Yoo Soo Kim was the guy with the talent, idea and the desire to make music.

Initially, he would perform, record, produce and mix his own songs, and he also worked to self-release his first album with the help of drummer Zen Benkowski. Today, the band has four members and it concentrates especially in rock.

Hemmingbirds has truly caught the eye and ear of many local artists, to the point of being compared to Arcade Fire and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The different styles that they work on include anthemic pop rock mixed with acoustic folk melodies and heavy electric guitars, making their offered music pretty unique.

These were only 5 of all the amazing bands that Chicago keeps producing. Take a look at them, you might want to track them down and check their released solos and albums and support their music through Spotify or buying their songs in Itunes.

Every great and famous band start off by playing in bars, garages, restaurants and weddings, and these local bands have been working everywhere they can with the goal of spreading their diverse styles and their passion for certain genres. Maybe a band from this list could be the next international star.

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