We signed to Xtra Mile Records for the Release of our 4th LP

It’s with many levels of pleasure that we’re able to announce to you our recent signing to Xtra Mile. The Xtra Mile Recording Company. They’ve been nothing short of amazing and supportive in regards to this album we’ve been recording for the last two months and we’re very excited to have them handle the album’s release worldwide.

We’ve been working very hard since the first couple weeks of November to put together what we feel is a great Cheap Girls record.

Obviously, we’ll fill in the gaps and details over the coming weeks and keep everyone in the proverbial “loop” with how much fun this particular process has been.

The hard facts are simply that we’ve found a very comfortable, endlessly-supportive label that has allowed us to make exactly the album we’ve been wanting to make for some years now and that album will see the light-of-day this spring. Not to mention that their staff are some of the most enjoyable, enthusiastic, outgoing individuals that we’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. We couldn’t be more thrilled for you to hear the songs we’ve come up with this time around. There’ll be a song, an album title, some photos and a release date to share in the very near future.

Thanks to everyone for being with us through the years and all the years to come.

Loads of love,

Ian Graham/Cheap Girls

Cheap Girls Announce Famous Graves, Debut New Song

For seven years Cheap Girls have embraced the ‘90s in a way few other bands have. Though the decade is currently serving as a fruitful reference point, the Michigan trio has pulled influence from alternative radio instead of anything underground, and over the course of three albums the band’s pop-rock, Gin Blossoms influence has helped distinguish the band. For their fourth album Cheap Girls joined up with Xtra Mile Recordings, a long-standing U.K label that’s making Famous Graves the label’s first international release.

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April Shows with The Hold Steady

Very, very excited to announce a handful of April shows with the Hold Steady:

04/07/14: Washington, D.C. at the 9:30 Club

04/08/14: Buffalo, NY at the Town Ballroom

04/09/14: Toronto, ON at the Phoenix Concert Theatre

04/11/14: Albany, NY at the Hollow

04/12/14: Pawtucket, RI at the Met Cafe