God’s Ex-Wife (Selective Rarities 2007-2014)

Hi, world.
We’ve managed put together our favorite songs that have gone out of print, left off of the real records, and the ones that weren’t ever anywhere.

We’ve called it “God’s Ex-Wife” at the previous insistence of a couple friends from here at home.

Asian Man Records is releasing it on September 16th.

1. Better Thoughts Instead

2. Twice As Much

3. Dim Lights

4. The Same Thing

5. 7-8 Years

6. Gone All Summer

7. Cored to Empty (Alternate full band version)

8. Kerosene

9. Sunnyside (Find Me A Drink Home version)

10. Living Like Hell

11. Stop Now (Original demo)

12. I Know, Right?
Pre-order at our webstore or through Asian Man Records.

Hear a b-side from “Famous Graves” called “Twice As Much” right here :)